Why Snapchat Is Terrible On Android But Not On iPhone?

The answer to why Snapchat is terrible on Android but not on iPhone is here. Snapchat, Instagram is the most trending apps on social media. But if you use an Android phone and are a Snapchat lover then, you must have noticed that the snaps through an Android phone are not as good as through an iPhone.

Android phones usually have far better cameras than that of iPhone. But it gets worse when snaps are taken for Snapchat. This is because it is easier to develop an app for iPhone because they have to consider only a few Apple devices. Whereas Android phones are too many in number, each with a different screen resolution running with different versions of the software.

It is not the fault of your phone or hardware which screws up the snaps. But before getting into the reasons of this let’s look into the details of the ratio of both iPhone’s and Android phones. Android users comprise around 76.61% of smartphones of the world and it is just the other 20.66% phones which are run on iOS made by Apple.

The real trick

Snapchat uses camera2 api

In reality, there’s a trick used by Android OS which has enhanced its camera experience in smartphones. Every Android smartphone which runs on 5.0. Lollipop or higher than that allows full access of camera to the apps. The feature is called Camera2 API. This allows third-party apps like Snapchat use the camera features to its best.

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Apps like WhatsApp, Instagram etc control the exposure manually and perform post-processing on the image you click. So the hardware of your device has nothing to do with the captured images. But despite this, Snapchat still doesn’t give a good picture capturing feature.

Here’s why

Snapchat App

It is Snapchat’s mechanism which has a real issue while capturing an image through an Android phone. Snapchat just takes a screenshot of what it first sees on the screen rather than actually capturing an image. By this, the app developers have saved their time and effort to configure the app for every single Android model. This, in turn, has resulted in a degraded quality of snaps through your phone.

Is it the problem with other apps too?

Snapchat Ceo Evan Spiegel

No. Apps like Instagram doesn’t face this issue. Such apps make sure that they use the Camera2 API functionality. Despite all this Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel has talked about the development of the app in order to reduce the issue with the Android smartphones. Quoting him, “Given the sheer volume of different Android handsets used to access Snapchat, we have had to establish new processes to ensure that our quality efforts can be maintained. This will be an ongoing investment.”