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Spotify: Disable Automatic Startup Feature

Spotify is one top of the most popular music services , which provides us with the endless streaming of music online in varies catalogs without purchasing them.

When You Install Spotify for the first time on your Computer, it shows a notification with a line “Open the app automatically at Startup” and if you are like me who accepted this term and felt bad later because you don’t know how to stop Spotify from opening on Startup then this article will help you in prevent spotify from starting whenever your PC boots by disabling automatic startup feature in spotify.

How to Stop Spotify Auto start Feature

Option 1

  1. You need to “Open Spotify“application.
  2. If you are using Microsoft windows click “Edit>Preferences” for Mac Users click “Spotify>Preferences“.
  3. Scroll all the way to the down and you’ll find “Show Advanced Settings” Click On it.
  4. Once you open Show Advanced Settings option in Spotify you’ll find and Option Called “Open Spotify automatically after you log into the computer” with a drop down menu.
  5. Now Just Simply Click on Drop Down menu and Select “No“.
how to stop spotify from opening on startup

Boom just Solved : How To Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

As You Can See Above We have Solved Issue For Both Windows and Mac User On “How to Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

Option 2

This Option is for windows only

  1. Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Esc] to open “Task Manager” or You can simply Right-Click on Taskbar  and Choose “Task Manager“.
  2. Once the task manager is opened Select “Startup” Option.
  3. In that Choose “Spotify” > Right-Click on it and Press “Disable“.
How to Disable Spotify Auto Start Feature

The Above Mentioned Method Can Solve the Issue and “Stop Spotify Auto Start Feature”.

Video: How To Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

Step by Step Process on “How to Stop Spotify From Opening On Startup

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