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How To Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android Easily

It’s not the bad thing that can happen to your mobile phone, but if your smartphone creates a ton of duplicate contacts it could be really difficult to navigate through the contacts and make calls to family and friends.In this article we will learn How To Remove Duplicate Contacts in Android.

Well, this issue of Duplicate Contacts on Smartphone may occur due anyone of the below mentioned reasons.

Reasons Why Duplicate Contacts Occur

It may occur because sometimes your phone creates a multiple copies of single contact. The duplicate contacts in android or any other mobile phone mostly happens when you sync contacts or  change sim.

Other Reasons

when you factory reset your phone or,

Accidentally sync all contacts.

The above stated reasons can make it hard for your to navigate through your contacts.

So, Here at we have a simple and easy solution on how to merge or Remove duplicate contacts from your android or any other device.

Solution and yes we all love to read it.

First Method:

 To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Your Mobile is to do it manually. yes, you heard it right you can delete your duplicate contacts one by one but i’m sure it will take a lot of time if you have more contacts saved on your phone.

Don’t worry as mentioned above in the article we have other simple and easy methods by which you can remove duplicate contacts from your phone.

Second Method:

In this method we will simply try to merge all the duplicate contacts with original once’s .

Today most of the mobile phones come with an In-build merge option for contacts. So, How to Use this Feature if your Mobile Has an Merge Option for Contacts.

Simply Tap on Contacts app and press the menu button (that appeared on the top right-side corner). From the menu, select “Merge Accounts” a pop-up will appear and in that select “Merge from Google”From the next prompt, tap on “OK” and all your contacts will be merged.


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The above method will merge the accounts and delete the duplicate contacts that were created due to multiple accounts. However this method might not fully help you if you don’t have “Merge Option”.

Third Method:

Almost 90% of the world today use Gmail and if you are no one them who backup data with Gmail then most probably you have enabled contacts syncing with your Gmail account.

In android phones this feature is in-build and will sync all your contacts and if so you can delete your duplicate contacts without even touching them.

yes, see how i’m doing and you can repeat the same to delete duplicate contacts from your mobile.

Simply open your Gmail Account and click on “Gmail” which you can see on your left side menu. Tap on the drop down menu and you can able to “Contacts” click on it and you can see all your save contacts over there.


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Now, Tap on “More” which is located on the top. You can able to see “Find & Merge Duplicate”. Click on it.

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After 1 or 2 seconds, you will be able to see all your duplicate contacts and now you can uncheck any of the contacts if you wish to have they multiple copies else you can simply tap on “Merge”.

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Above mentioned process should merge all your contacts in android phone that are connected to your Gmail account.


Remove Duplicate Contacts Using a App

Generally i don’t recommend this method for deleting duplicate contacts as most of the apps can stole your contacts information.

But for people who don’t understand the above mentioned methods can simply follow this method and you can able to remove duplicate contacts from your android mobile easily.

Go to play store and type “Duplicate Contacts Remover” and you can see 1000’s of apps appear and you can choose one of them and install on your phone and simple use it to delete duplicate contacts from your mobile phone.

Some of the Best Apps You Can Use Are

1. Contacts Optimizer.

Contacts OptimizerContacts Optimizer

This App is perfect for you if you have so many duplicate contacts as it analyse your whole phone book and shows you all the duplicate contacts So you can remove them.


2. Duplicate contacts Remover.

Duplicate Contacts RemoverDoppelte Kontakte Remover

App is User-friendly and you can delete all your duplicate contacts. A simple tool with which you can see the list of names sorted by name or by number and you can choose any deleted.


3. Contact Remover.

 Contact Remover Contact Remover

Like other apps mentioned above Contact Remover will help you in removing your duplicate contacts from your phone. This is one of the simple and basic design app where can you tap on few buttons and Boom all your duplicate contacts are removed.


4. Duplicate Contacts.

Download the app from Google Play store and launch it. App will perform a quick scan of all your contacts and shows you Duplicate Contacts.

Duplicate contactsDuplicate contacts

Uncheck the contacts that you wish to keep and simple press ”Delete Selected” and click ”yes” to delete all the duplicate contacts.


Remove duplicate contacts from phone


So, Guys if you Follow any one the above mentioned methods you can simply Remove Duplicate contacts from your android phone.

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