If You Have Cracked and Dry Lips, This Is How You Heal Them
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If You Have Cracked and Dry Lips, This Is How You Heal Them

Our lips are very sensitive. They do not have melanin, so they are highly susceptible to sunburn, and we can destroy their protective cover simply by running our tongue through them ( the enzymes in our saliva cause damage ). As a solution to this, all people can resort to a trick or 2 to have soft, healthy and flashy lips.

A beautiful smile is always attractive. At crazyfeed.com we decided to create a list of ways you can keep it beautiful and avoid cracked and dry lips.

Avoid matte lipsticks

Avoid matte lipsticks

Yes, they are fashionable, but the matte lipsticks will dry your lips more. This is the reason why Instagram stars use intensive treatments and moisturizing bases to avoid damaging them while showing new products or makeup trends.

Use a lip scrub daily

Exfoliation is crucial to achieve healthy lips. However, acidic exfoliants are harmful, so it is better to follow natural treatments. You can buy them (always check the list of ingredients carefully) or make them yourself. The base should be an oil (such as shea or coconut) accompanied by a natural fine sugar. For personal taste or pleasure, you can add essential aromas or mashed fruits and vegetables.

Rescue recipe for your lips

Use this mask at night for quick results.

Mix all these ingredients until it turns into a dough with a fine texture, and apply it to your lips before going to bed. The beauty of this recipe is that it does not use beeswax or petroleum jelly, so you can probably do it with things from your pantry.

Use oils with high comedogenicity

Comedogenicity is a measure that not everyone knows. She shows the ability of oils to clog our pores. For example, coconut has a high comedogenicity, so you should not apply it on your face, but it is wonderful for your body and your lips, as it fills the small folds in them.

Moisturize inside and out

The state of your body is always in relation: if your skin and your interior lack water intake, it will also be noticed on your lips. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids daily and use moisturizers.

Use a humidifier

Your lips naturally have an outer layer of protection, but food, treatments, makeup and weather tend to destroy it. Ceramides work to help your body restore this barrier naturally.

Avoid highly acidic foods and spices

Avoid highly acidic foods and spices Baehaki Hariri/Unsplash Brooke Lark/Unsplash

Acidic and spicy foods disrupt the natural protective layer of your lips and “open” it until it is destroyed. If you are trying not to have cracked and irritated lips, you should avoid the intake of such foods as well.

Use sunscreen

Your lips are just as sensitive to the sun’s rays as the skin of your face and body. To protect them, you should use sunscreen with an  SPF of at least 15.

Do you have a trick up your sleeve that we have not included in this list? Do not hesitate to share it with everyone in the comments!