18 Creative Husbands Who Have A Brilliant Sense Of Humor

Creative husbands are the best kind. Don’t believe us? We have 18 shots here which will show you how marriage can be a task but so much fun. If you have one of these creative husbands then we are sure that your married life will be adventurous and never get boring.

Marriage will never get boring with these kind of men. The humor husbands bring in the lives of their wives can make them smile even in the difficult times.

So let’s look how these creative husbands have made the lives of their wives more humorous and entertaining

When the husband is given the task to do laundry

When you ask your husband to help with the laundry Image Credits: Cradnee

Even men love sales: The difference is that its not clothes they buy

Even men love sales the difference is that its not clothes they buyImage Credits: 2wokigo

Maybe an ice cream sale is better for them? Like this one.

When husbands are told to babysit the kids

When you leave him with children at homeImage Credits: HabitantsFan

That’s why kids prefer their fathers when it comes to staying it home and looking after them.

“Put the spaghetti on the stove”

When you ask him to put spaghetti on the stoveImage Credits: Wendy Rollins

This husband listens to every word his wife says. Literally!