9 Of The World’s Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed, Finally!

There are many very famous magic tricks that have kept people in question about they occurred. We have got 9 of the world’s greatest magic tricks revealed for you. Now, you can practice and try your hand at these amazing tricks.

These world’s greatest magic tricks revealed, will give you a chance to surprise your friends and family with something new and mind boggling.

So without further delay:

World’s greatest magic tricks revealed: Just for you

Darcy Oak’s dove illusion

Darcy Oake’s dove illusion world's greatest magic tricks revealedIf you follow Britain’s Got Talent, then you will remember this Canadian illusionist who performed many magic tricks featuring doves. One of them showed Darcy burning a feather and make a pigeon appear out of the feather. So let’s see how he did it:


The feather was not a real feather. It was made using a special kind of paper that magicians often use called flash paper. The paper burns with large flashes of fire and leaves no residue. Many magicians use it as a distraction to hide the quick movements they make in order to make the trick successful. That is what Darcy did, he used the flash and quickly brought the pigeon out of his secret pocket.

The rising card

The rising card world's greatest magic tricks revealed Here, the magician picks a random person from the crowd and asks him/her to choose a card from the deck and place it back. The magician obviously, does not see this happening. Then, the magician says certain magical words and chants and bam: the card picked by the person pops out of the deck.

Another one of the magical mechanism is used here. One card has a small pad attached to it which sticks to a card and makes it move upwards. When the magician asks for the card and places it back in the deck without looking at it, he places it directly on top of the card which has this pad attached to it. This is what makes it look like that the card came up magically!

A can on a card

A can on a card world's greatest magic tricks revealed  This one is fairly simple. The magician magically places a can on a single  standing playing card. It looks quite amazing and impossible. But the solution to this trick is very simple and anyone can do it.

It is basically about perspective, the direction from which the audience sees the card is important. Basically, there is half of another card attached behind one card. Like the stand behind the photo frame, you need to balance the card and place the can on top of it. Now, you just need have a steady hand to place the can on the card.