9 Common Things That Cause Disgust in People Who Don’t Like Physical Contact
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9 Common Things That Cause Disgust in People Who Don’t Like Physical Contact

We all have a friend who tries to get away from hugs or avoid kissing. Or maybe you yourself are that friend? Others consider that this behavior is strange because they do not know what a person feels who does not support being touched by others.

Crazyfeed.com has compiled some of the typical situations that make these people suffer.

1. Other people’s children

 Other people’s childrenbrigthside

Children are the flowers of life. But only if you admire them from afar. We love the children of other people. But we do not think that in order to manifest our love we should embrace them. We just hug our own children.

2. Summer


Summer has one big flaw: everywhere there are sweaty bodies that are waiting to stick to you. Wearing summer clothes and not sticking to the seat or the skin of another person is impossible.

3. Hugs without a reason

Hugs without a reasonbrightside

It is difficult to understand why it is necessary to embrace when meeting and saying goodbye. Not that we had returned from the war.

4. … And with reason

and with a reasonbrightside

It is terribly uncomfortable when an almost strange person tries to hug you. Also, you are ashamed of your behavior, which can be confused with coldness.

5. Massage


It seems incredible that many people regularly visit a massage parlor and would be happy to receive a gift voucher for a session. Because that’s where a stranger touches you. It’s your EVERYTHING’s body. It is unnatural.

6. Swimming pool

Swimming poolsbrightside

A pool is a soup of people. The moment our face touches the same water that touched the legs of a stranger, it will be the last of our tormented life.

7. New relationships

New relationshipsbrightside

We need to get used to the fact that you have appeared in our life. It will not happen immediately. But when it happens, we will give you all the love we are capable of.

8. Old friends

An old friendbrightside

Try not to touch us during the conversation. Those friendly touches and patting on the shoulder … just stop doing it. We are already listening to you attentively.

9. And the most important thing

And the main thingbrightside

But if we hug you regularly, then you are one of the most important and loved people in our life.

Maybe now you understand what a cat feels, which is caught and squeezed at any time of the day or night. Do not be like that. Respect the personal space of other people … and that of the kittens.