Tips to survive in extreme situations
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8 Tips from a former CIA secret agent to survive in extreme situations

Before, we had talked about some tricks of Clint Emmerson, a former US Special Services officer. He published a book, in which he gathered all those tips together with the survival practices and instructions he learned in his 20 years of training.

Now, in we tell you 8 new things that revealed the special agents and that we should all know.

I’m Sure these Tips to survive in extreme situations are Gold. You’ll Love it.

1. A refuge in the snow

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If you walk under heavy snow and see evergreens around, you can make a shelter that will keep you warm and allow you to survive the storm.

  • Find the leafiest tree that is at your hand and that has many branches below. Once you find it, start digging next to the trunk towards the ground. The deeper the well, the better.
  • Reinforce snow on the walls of the well to make it denser. The green branches of the tree must go on the floor to have isolation and to be able to sleep safely.

2. The safest seats on the plane

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

When an agent uses any means of transportation, always look for the safest seats: those that are next to the exit. In an airplane, they are in the queue.

  • According to this study , if you go in business class on an airplane, the probability of surviving a catastrophe is 49%. Passengers in the middle have a 56% chance, and those in the back survive in 69% of cases.

3. How to get out of a trunk

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

We already saw it in the cinema many times, the most popular way to transport a kidnapped person is inside the trunk. However, in real life, there are several ways to get out of it.

First, many modern cars have an emergency lever that is inside the trunk and that allows to open it from the inside. If the car is an old model, it is possible to open the latch of the lock or exit through the rear folding seats (80% of cars have them).

  • In some cases, you can use the jack that most drivers should have in the trunk, or break the headlight from inside and ask for help.

4. How to open the door correctly during a fire

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

It is possible that, in an emergency situation, you have to open the door with a blow to save your life or someone else’s life. But do not try to do it by hitting it with the shoulder or pushing yourself, this way you could hurt yourself.

To do so, it is necessary to hit the door with the heel in the area of the lock. You will have to use all your weight and have the other foot well attached to the floor to keep your balance. A correct and strong blow could break down the lock and open any door, even the most resistant.

5. Weapon made of newspapers for self-defense

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

A newspaper can become a powerful weapon to use in self-defense or that of others. For this, you have to roll the paper in the strongest possible way and then fold it. After that, use adhesive tape or thread to adjust the top and bottom.

6. How to survive in the water with your hands tied

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

The most important thing is to control the breathing. You should not panic to breathe properly, the inhalations have to be deep and the exhalations fast.

If you are not in deep water, you can submerge and move towards the coast with jumps. If you are swimming face down, stretch yourself so that you can lift your head above the water. Turn if you are in a choppy sea, this will help you to inhale well and keep moving towards the shore.

7. Disarming a person

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

One of the main tricks that any special service militant must master is to be able to disarm his opponent.

  • If they point a gun at you and order you to walk forward, raise your arms and walk slower so that you can get close to the muzzle. Then, turn abruptly diverting the opponent’s hand so that it remains in the area of your armpit. Hold it and with the other arm hit the offender.

8. Surviving an explosion

Tips to survive in extreme situationscrazyfeed

During an explosion, it is important to be able to hide in any shelter, even if it is simple. It will be better if it is made of natural materials, so one option would be to use a stone fence or a tree.

If you have no shelter by your side, throw yourself on the floor face down, cross your legs, open your mouth and cover your ears with your hands. This will help the wave of the explosion and the sound wave do not damage your senses.

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