7 Good Self-Defense Techniques That A Professional Advises
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7 Good Self-Defense Techniques That A Professional Advises

Many self-defense articles tell us in detail about the most effective self-defense techniques that can help women in case of an attack.

crazyfeed.com collected effective recommendations and simple techniques to learn for different situations. They can be made by any woman regardless of the height and weight of her opponent.

1. To begin remember these vulnerable areas

To begin remember these vulnerable areas

No matter how big and strong the opponent is in front of you, you can incapacitate anyone if you remember these vulnerable areas. The main ones are the eyes, the nose, the throat, the solar plexus, the groin and the knee.

You can attack, however, but to be 100 percent sure of your victory it is worth remembering these effective techniques that affect these areas.

2. The most effective and simple techniques

The most effective and simple techniques

One of the best techniques is to lock the doll, this will make any giant scream with sadness and crawl on his knees. With one hand take the little finger and the ring finger of your opponent, with the other the middle finger and the index finger. Pull the fingers to the sides and at the same time bend the wrist upwards.

If you can not take your opponent’s hand, strike with a finger or fist the area between the clavicles or the familiar Adam’s apple. With this, you will disorient the enemy by forcing him to take his throat and recover.

An obvious place to attack, hold or hit is the inguinal region. That is the first place where you are advised to hit in any self-defense course.

A blow in this region literally paralyzes your enemy, and while he is bewildered, you will escape.

3. If you get caught straight

If you get caught straight

If you get caught in front of you in such a way that you can not raise your hands, do the following: place them and put them together in a padlock in the pelvic area. This will create enough resistance between the attacker and you.

After this, with all your strength hit your nose with your forehead . Due to this blow, your opponent will move away from you and it will be the most opportune moment to attack your genitals with your knee.

7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

If your opponent passes too close to you , then you have the possibility to protect yourself using the base of your palm. Straighten your left arm and with the base of the right hand hits your opponent sharply on the jaw or nose. Next, make the movement already known to us with the knee in the crotch.

As a consequence, your opponent will be disoriented and will not be able to move normally for a long time.

4. How to free your hands

How to free your hands

You can easily free yourself from a capture if you remember the rule about the “thumb”, which consists in turning your hand towards the side of your opponent’s thumb.

If you have taken your hands and held them firmly, by abrupt circular movements, turn the wrist to the side of the thumb. When the hand of the delinquent is at the bottom, take it to you abruptly.

5. If they grab you from behind

Frequently the attackers attack from behind because with a capture like this the victim’s hands will be left in such a way that she can not move them.

If they grab you from behind

To escape from that position, quickly lean back and try to hit the opponent with your neck. If you do not get this, nothing happens, our goal was for the attacker to place one foot in front.

Now quickly lean down, take it from the exposed foot and get up by pulling your foot towards you. Due to this, the attacker’s center of gravity will change again, and for you, it will not be difficult to throw even the biggest opponent to the ground.

6. If he approached you and captured you on his side

The elbow is one of the most traumatic blows in all martial arts. This is exactly the hit you need if you are approached from the side.

If he approached you and captured you on his side

With curved movements hit the temples, jaw or nose of your enemy. After hitting him, the attacker will go backwards, so it’s time to tap his elbow or chest with his elbow.

The elbows are so strong for any opponent that it will suffer terrible trauma.

7. If they put you against the wall

Often the attackers try to take their victim to a corner or put it against the wall. In this case it is time to remember the vulnerable areas and depending on the position hit exactly one of them.

If they put you against the wall

  • If both of attacker hands are planted on the wall, stretch your palms and with a strong movement hit their armpits.
  • If a hand is omitted , then you have the opportunity to surprise your opponent with a punch in his chest, jaw or neck.
  • One of the most effective and strong techniques is the header. Sit a little so you are lower than your opponent. Then with a strong movement he jumps, hitting your jaw with your forehead. This technique will quickly disorient your opponent and give you the chance to escape.

We hope that you’ll never get into a situation where you are in need to use one of the above mentioned techniques, but if you are in a position where no one is there to help you. I’m sure the above mentioned self-defense techniques will help you for sure.

 Did we miss any of the important self-defense moves which will help you and other readers to escape from attackers?  Kindly share them with us in the comments section below.