Ipl 2018 5 reasons why IPL 2018 is going to be bigger than ever
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IPL 2018: 5 reasons why IPL 2018 is going to be Awesome than ever

With many latest technological innovations, this year’s ipl 2018 edition promises to be more Awesome than ever.

Soon after introducing the IPL ( Indian Premier League ) it has became the  best cricket tournament in the world. From 2008 to present, IPL has changed the pace of cricket to a whole new level.Even though the league has been through many up’s and down’s since the beginning (2008) , it has not lost its fans and this is the true sign of its growth.

Although the game was said to be nothing by a piece of  entertainment during the initial years, it has a unique way of producing young talent.Over the past 10 years IPL has produced some of the worlds best young players under the guidance of world-class coaches and senior players.

With Season 11 starting this year from April 7th 2018 , the league is entering it’s second decade and this year’s league promises to be more fun and entertaining like never before.

Here are the 5 reasons why this year’s season is going to be Awesome than ever.

5. Return of the Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals.

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Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals , are the two teams which got suspended from the league for a period of 2 years and has not played for the last 2 seasons of IPL. It was believed that both teams have lost they fans due to suspension from league from 2 years, but it was turned out to be false as both teams have created a buzz even before the starting of the tournament.

The Crazy among the Super King’s fans has reached to a whole new level that they are visiting the stadium even during the practice sessions too.

Chennai Super King’s is the only Successful team to qualified for the playoffs every single season that they have participated.

Well it’s been clear that Return of both the teams will create a huge spike in TRP’s and Fan’s will get unlimited fun watching they favorite team’s competing each other during the tournament.

4. Reshuffled teams.

ipl 2018

IPL Auction 2018 which was held earlier this year will be considered as a special one because this is the first time after 2008 the teams have been built from scratch again.Most of the players who played for particular franchise will now play from other teams.

Due to a Policy called as (retention policy ), most of the teams have never released they star players since 2008, but this year it has been changed as most of the star players will play opposite to their old teams.

For example Mumbai Indians never released their Star players like Harbhajan Singh and Lasith Malinga, Royal Challengers Bangalore never released Chris Gayle and there are many others like these star players.

In this season we can see few of  them playing in different teams.

3. Introduction of DRS

IPL 2018 introduction of DRS

DRS ( Decision Review System ) which is been used in all the 3 international formats has been introduced to IPL  this season. Decision Review System has Successfully became a part of cricket mainly after it has been successful in reducing umpiring errors.

Starting from this season each team will get one review per innings, but if you check the last decade the umpire decision used to be the last and final. with this new technology been introduced in the game the teams will have power to recheck the umpires decision and if he proves wrong the decision can be changed in favor to teams that asked for DRS.

During the previous season of Indian Premier League we saw some poor umpiring, which cost teams heavily and introduction of DRS has been of the most discussed topic all across the Season from then.

Finally the cricket board has listens to it’s fans and introduced DRS this season and with this decision from Cricket Board the league will be more exciting the ever.

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2. Mid-season transfers

ipl 2018 mid season transfers

According to few resources, it’s been said that ILP 2018 will allow players to transfer team’s in middle of the season. This transfer of players between teams can take place between match 28 to 42.

By doing this all the uncapped players are eligible for transfer.The addition of this feature into the league is one of the best thing as this opens an opportunity to those players who are stuck to bench whole season.

Addition of these feature really excites me a lot because we can see players wearing jersey on one day and a different jersey on another day.

1. Broadcasting in Virtual Reality.

IPL 2018 Broadcasting in Virtual Reality

yes you have read it correctly Virtual Reality is coming to Cricket.

With the association of technological advancements. The broadcasters of IPL 2018 has announced that they will Stream IPL 2018 in Virtual Reality.

VRT cameras are been installed in stadiums to  shoot match’s in all angles. The Viewer simply need to put on his VR set and tune into hotstar.

Along with all these features the IPL 2018 is going to be broadcasted in 6 languages, and Also viewer’s can choose they own camera angles to get the better experience of the match.

So what do you think about these Changes in League ?Comment Below to express your feelings about these changes.

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