20 crazy facts about London.
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20 crazy facts about London that will turn your world upside down

It’s not a secret for anyone that every country has its own special traditions. And for the most part, it seems to us that we are familiar with them. But sometimes our stereotypes are nothing more than just a myth. And some facts, which we did not even think about, are actually everyday reality.

Crazyfeed.com decided to figure out what is really true, and what is fiction. So, we have collected 20 crazy facts about London that will turn your world upside down. Bonus – an unusual declaration of love from the British – in the end.

1. Even if you do not speak English well, you will not be told about it 

With total security, they will tell you that you speak well. If you insist a lot, they will add that your Spanish, in any case, is worse.

2. Every year, residents and visitors of the city forget
80,000 umbrellas in the metro

But the subway employees have found even stranger forgotten things: a park bench, a samurai sword, a human skull, three dead bats in a glass jar and even a coffin.

3. It is not usual to wash clothes at home

Absolutely in any area you can find a laundry.

4. No one will understand what is 15:00

In London, there is 3 pm Our system is used only in the army to refer to the direction, such as “enemy at 15.00”.

5. Pregnant women are allowed to do their little necessities on public roads wherever they want

They can pee even in front of Buckingham Palace and no one will fine them. They can even borrow a policeman’s helmet to relieve themselves in a decent way.

6. Drivers of the famous black taxi take two to four years to prepare for the exam

Drivers of the famous black taxi take two to four years to prepare for the exampixabay

To pass the “Knowledge” test, you need to know the location of 25,000 streets and 20,000 places. This usually takes 2 to 4 years.

7. London drivers will take a drink with you in a pub

The drivers are very sociable. And if you keep having a conversation with them, they will surely propose you to spend the evening in a pub enjoying a pint of beer.

8. Plugs almost always have a switch

Therefore, it is not necessary to remove the cable from the socket.

9. The Queen needs to have permission to enter London

The permission is granted by the mayor of London, in accordance with an old London law through which the inhabitants reserve the right not to let their sovereign into the capital.

10. The eternal rains of London are a myth

The eternal rains of London are a mythwikimedia

In fact, London is considered one of the driest cities in Europe. The average annual rainfall is 584 mm, which is less than in Rome or Sydney. For comparison: in Milan – 1 000, and in Florence – 870 mm.

11. An indispensable accessory of clothing is the umbrella

An indispensable accessory of clothing is the umbrellapexels

Despite the previous data, the umbrella is a key piece of clothing that is always worn everywhere, because rain can occur at any time. But, as a rule, just as quickly ceases.

12. The English are not the ones who love tea the most in the world

If you ask us which country holds the first place in the celebration of the tea party, we tend to think that the United Kingdom will be on the list, at least, in second place, possibly after China. But in fact, among the top ten countries where they drink more tea, the first place is occupied by Turkey, followed by Morocco, Ireland, Mauritania and only later the United Kingdom. Did you imagine that?

13. The subway, without a driver

In the London Underground there is a special line, Docklands Light Rail, whose trains are fully electronically controlled.

14. No work after 18

Working life in London ends strictly at 18. With rare exceptions, someone stays in the office after that time.

15. Beer after work

At 18, in the squares and bars of the city you will surely find office employees drinking a beer after a hard day of work.

16. Dying within Parliament is strictly prohibited

If a representative of the town suddenly feels bad, it is urgent to move him to the street. For the “joy” of tourists, passers-by and himself.

17. You can not buy products after 22.30

After that time, the food stores close.

18. Newspapers for all

Newspapers for allwikimedia

People leave their newspapers directly on the subway so that other people can read them. Thus, during the day, a newspaper has more than one owner.

19. The main pet is the dog

 20. Big Ben is not really a tower or a clock

Almost everyone believes that Big Ben is a tower with a clock in London. But, in reality, this is the name of its 13-tonne bell, which is inside the tower, behind the clock face.


“I love you” or the yellow-blue bus

“Yellow-Blue Bus” is a declaration of love. To make it easier to remember the phrase in Russian “I love you”, a phrase similar to “yellow blue bus” is used.

And let’s check if there are experts among us of unusual London features. Tell us, how many facts did you already know, and which ones completely surprised you and your friends?