19 Tricks From Chef's that will make your life easier
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19 Tricks From Chef’s that will make your life easier

We often do things the way they taught us for the first time. We did not even think that everything could be much simpler if we use a little imagination. As in any business, for an advance, you just have to look at everything from a different angle.

The Crazyfeed.com has prepared for you some universal tips and tricks from chefs that will help you feel super comfortable in the kitchen.

19. How to save a soup if you exaggerated in salt

18. How to Make Soft Beef

If your goal is to prepare a steak and not a steak, then to make the beef softer, you need to season it with a little mayonnaise before cooking.

17. Corn

If only one ear of corn is left cooked you can use it in a salad. To do so, you only need to remove the corn kernels with a sharp knife.

16. To preserve the flavor of the dishes

To preserve the flavor of the dishesmedweb

Heat the dishes before serving hot meals and cool them if you want to serve a cold food. This little trick will help you preserve the taste and freshness of food.

15. To separate the gem more easily

Instead of using sophisticated kitchen accessories to separate the yolk from the clear, you can use a simple plastic bottle and suck the yolk.

14. Milk and mashed potatoes

To make good mashed potatoes you should never add cold milk. This will make it gray. The tip is: let the milk boil and only then add it to your recipe.

13. Flavored Ice

You can prepare a delicious seasoning for your dishes if you mince aromatic herbs, put in the ice cubes and add olive oil. What’s more, you can prepare a flavored ice for your drinks with lemon slices, orange, mint leaves and bits of red fruit.

12. Frozen wine

In the same way described earlier, it is possible to freeze the wine and use it in your culinary experiments.

11. If the bread starts to get hard

There are many ways to prepare a recipe for bread without having to be caught up in the usual sandwiches. One is a bread and cheese, an excellent recipe that can be prepared quickly and for the whole family.

10. To conserve vegetables and veggies

To keep for longer, for example, celery and broccoli, you can wrap them in foil.

9. Crispy pizza, even the next day

For a pizza to regain its fresh flavor and aroma, you can heat it in a frying pan instead of in the microwave.

8. So that the avocado does not go dark

The avocados will not go dark in the part where they were cut if you sprinkle some apple cider vinegar and store along with a piece of cut onion.

7. How to make any knife more comfortable when using

To make sure that the knife cable does not slip when it is used, simply place several rubber in the length of the cable.

6. A good substitute for mayonnaise

Suddenly you realize that mayonnaise is gone, but if you have cream or “Greek type” yogurt in the refrigerator, you can prepare a sauce that replaces it. Simply mix the sour cream or yogurt (healthier) with a boiled egg and a small spoon of mustard.

5. So that the chopped onions do not spoil

The chopped onions will retain all of their freshness if you put them on a plate over a layer of salt. You can also wrap them in plastic film or water it with olive oil and store them in a container.

4. Stop the smell of some container

If the dishes still have that fish or onion odor, you can use water and vinegar to make the scent disappear.

3. Turkish coffee

How about innovating at coffee time and preparing a Turkish recipe? In Turkey, the water already boiled along with the powder. When serving the coffee, so that the powder is at the bottom of the teapot, you should add a spoonful of cold water and wait half a minute. Then serve the coffee in a cup.

2. To keep bread fresh

To keep bread freshtebyan

The bread will stay a bit cooler longer if, in the container where you keep it, a piece of apple is placed.

1. Crunchy potatoes

The fries will look delicious and crunchy if you first dry them with a paper napkin or place them in the microwave for a few seconds and then fry them.

Do you have any other tricks ? if so mention them in the comments section below.