strange beauty products that seems to be from 3018
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14 Strange beauty products that seem to be from the year 3018

Are you familiar with the constant human competition of always good looking, presentable, young and healthy? Of course, you are. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing and offers new items every season. But sometimes, when they are after the customers’ money, the manufacturers bring us fashion and beauty items that seem quite strange and even completely crazy.

We at have decided to share with you a selection of the craziest beauty products. Would you use any of these?

Violent Lips – (templates on your lips)

Do you remember those temporary tattoos of your childhood that only needed a little water to adhere to your skin? Well, Violent Lips applies the same technique in the design of lipstick. Simply choose a pattern, cut the template, apply it to your lips, moisten with a sponge and, voila! A universe in your lips.

Magnetic mask

#pressplay Trying Magnetic Mask @elfcosmetics Beauty Shield Recharging magnetic mask kit 1. Apply mask to face 2. Leave on 5-10 mins ( left mine for 10mins ) 3. To remove mask, Cover the magnetic tool with magnetic cover 4. Gently glide over the magnetic tool just above the surface of the skin 5. Do not rinse face w/ water for best result This is my first time trying this mask. The magnetic part was so fun taking off the dirt. After taking it off, my skin feels smooth nothing major. I will definitely be using this mask again 😊 Song: Outside by Calvin Harris ft.Ellie Goulding (Remix) _____________________________________________ #tuantinpar #tutorial #glamvids #skincare #dailymakeup #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #makeupvideo #makegirlz #fakeupfix #xmakeuptutsx #make4glam #thebeautybombb #allmodernmakeup #makeupclips #makeupvideoss #hairmakeupdiary #peachyqueenblog #makeupfeed #glowingskin #fashionarttut #mask #magneticmask #elfcosmetics #playbeautifully

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There are tons of masks on the market – for dry skin, oily skin, the skin of your feet – but this one is very different from the rest. You apply it as usual, but you remove it with a magnet.

Keep in mind that the video is a bit noisy.

Electric eye patches

Who needs hyaluronic eye patches when you can have vibrators? We’re not sure if they make you look younger or not, but it sure feels really fun!

Silk cocoons

Did you ever want to rub the shell of a silkworm on your skin to get a  natural peel? Even if your answer is no, the beauty industry is known to make you want things you never knew you needed.

Brush with rotating base

Brush with rotating base

All those steps to spread your makeup! Nobody has time for that in the morning. At least that is what the creators of this revolving product should have thought.

Shield for eyelashes

This is supposed to help you make up your eyelashes without damaging your eyelids. It is also a general guide for the makeup of your eyes. Give luxury!

Facial masseuse machine

Facial masseuse machineamazon

This is an ancient technique that was taken up with new technologies. Replace your beautician in that expensive spa with this little gadget and you’ll never go back.

Silicone sponge

Are you tired of your makeup sponge absorbing the entire product? Do not care anymore! It may seem that you are slapped with a flat silicone ball, but it does a very good job.

Blackhead extractor

Suction all the pores of your face with a blackhead extractor. Sound crazy? Maybe. But if you’re interested, it’s still in the market!

Eyelid trainer

Eyelid trainerbeautyandthecat

Have you ever felt that your eyelids just do not get enough exercise? This is easily fixed with an eyelid trainer and you get some … muscular eyelids?

Facial iron

Facial ironebay

Seal for eyebrows

Fiber Mascara for 3D Eyelashes

The ads keep telling you that you should lengthen your lashes and make them look thicker. Well, this product really adds fiber to your eyelashes. It is similar to false eyelashes but without so many problems.

Applicator for contact lenses

 Applicator for contact lensesrepink

Is there a beauty product that seems too crazy? Tell us all about them in the comments!