12 signals our body sends to tell us we are too stressed

Stress Signals are signs and hints that our body sends us, hoping they we might recognize them and stop stressing out. These signals are based on the theory of Dc. Susan Babel who is a psychologist specializing in depression. She talks a lot about the body signals and provides various recommendations on how to cope with stress. We also have many illustrations that give a demo of the various signals.

The main idea of these stress signals is that pain and discomfort are hinting towards anxiety, secret issues and unresolved conflicts. When we think about chronic pain, it is considered as a symptom of stress and emotional issues. This is even more true when there is actually no physical injury but the pain still persists.

stress signals

So let’s see these stress signals that various body parts give:


Head Stress Signals

Stress is the main cause of any headache. The reasons for it can vary from failures, little issues or constant rushing.

How we can deal with it?

Head Stress Signals

Take some time for yourself everyday and relax. During that time, try not to worry about anything and don’t ever feel guilty about taking this time. You will soon realize that your productivity will actually increase with time because you took the time off and calmed yourself. This will stop the headaches because you will be staying calm.


Neck Stress Signals

Psychologically speaking if you have neck pain for no reason, chances are that you have some kind of resentment in your mind. It can be guilt about something or anger towards someone else. You might be dissatisfied with your own self or can’t forgive someone. All of these are stress signals given by the neck.

What to do?

Neck Stress Signals

You need to bring a change in your attitude, towards yourself and the world. We always think the worst about ourselves, you need to let go of that idea and remember that intentionally no one wants to hurt you always. You don’t need stand up to anyone’s expectations even if they are your own. What is important is that you stay calm and think about things you love.


Shoulders Stress Signals

This is one of the most common of the stress signals. Shoulder pain is considered to indicate emotional burden and constant pressure. There can be two reasons behind it, one, someone else is putting too much pressure on someone and two, you cannot make an important decision and that keeps a big burden on you.

How to handle it?

Shoulders Stress Signals

Sharing always helps in lowering the burden. Simply talking about it helps a lot, have a close friend and remind yourself that you are not alone. This should be a superb solution to your shoulder pain.

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Upper back

Upper Back Stress Signals

If you feel like you are  alone even though you have people around you, then the pain in your upper back is an indication to this. lack of emotional support and feeling unappreciated can manifest itself i your upper back and cause pain.

What can you do?

Upper Back Stress Signals

Don’t always be into yourself. Communicate with others and be friendly. Do on dates and travel more, never hod back any feelings of affection.