11 Rare facts about Kim Jong-un that very few know
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11 Rare facts about Kim Jong-un that very few know

About the youngest dictator in the world, very little is known, he diffuses very little about his private life, and in his official biography, strange things can be found. To know at least a little what kind of person he really is, we have to depend on observing journalists and sometimes turn to data from South Korean intelligence.

In Crazyfeed.com we try to collect interesting data about a despotic and unpredictable political modernity, although it was not easy at all. And in general, it is not as scary as you think.

1. His date of birth is unknown.

Kim Jong-un was born on January 8 or July 5, 1982 or 1983. Or it could be in 1984. Why is there so much confusion? They say that the leader wants to appear bigger and more important, that’s why the official year of his birth is 1982. But South Korean intelligence reports that our anti-hero was born two years later.

In any case, he is one of the youngest rulers in the world.

2. His eyebrows are becoming shorter.

In photographs taken in different years, it is seen that something strange happens in the eyebrows of the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: they get shorter and shorter. He is said to shave them to resemble his father Kim Jong-il more. Of course, we will have questions since it would be weird if he would give an official explanation about this.

3. His childhood is a mystery

This person is not in a hurry to publish his childhood photos. But the truth is that in 2014, this image and  others were shown in honor of the day of the DPRK Air Force. Here, supposedly, the young leader of the country is represented, whether true or not, no one knows for sure.

4. He chose the girls from a local pop band

He chose the girls from a local pop bandgoogle

In North Korea there is also pop music, but it does not look like ours: for example, the artists are accompanied by a military orchestra instead of scruffy musicians, and in the video clip it must be shown that the North Korean people live very well.

One of the most famous bands of the DPRK is “Moranbong”, we are sure that it will be interesting for you to see the recording of  your concert. It is said that the selection of the girls in this band was made by the leader.

5. He officially holds the following titles:

  • It is clear that he has the title of “Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, leader of the party, army and people”

As well:

  • “New Star”
  • “Bright comrade”
  • “Genius among the geniuses”
  • “Marshal of the DPRK”

Among other things, this person has an academic degree in physics at the University in honor of Kim Il-sung and a PhD in economics at the Private University of Malaysia HELP.

6. He studied in Switzerland under another name

In one of the prestigious schools located in a town near Bern, Switzerland, from 1998 to 2000, he studied a student from North Korea registered as the son of a member of an embassy. He did not report details of his personality and was under the name Park Eun о Eunpark. We would only be guessing by looking at this photo of poor quality if it is the North Korean leader or not. But the people who studied with him think that it really was Kim Jong-un. They remember that he was funny, and that he was interested in sports more than politics. And that he was not a very good student.

7. He likes basketball and is a friend of Dennis Rodman

These same friends of the school say that in his youth, Kim Jong-un drew in the classes the basketball star Michael Jordan.

It is true that the politician loves basketball, in 2013 he met Dennis Rodman and taught him his own island. Despite the differences between these two people, they became friends. Dennis says about his friend the following: “Maybe it’s crazy, but I did not notice it.”

8. He laughs and smiles in every photo.

Look at these photos of the politician who fears many countries. Here is near the sacred mountain Paektu.

He laughs and smiles in every photo.google

Here, try tactical missiles.

He laughs and smiles in every photo.google

This is him planting trees with students.

He laughs and smiles in every photo.google

It is often inappropriate for the leader of such a serious country to shine like gold, but everything is meticulously calculated: it is important that Kim Jong-un prove to his people that he is a source of joy.

9. Has a hipster haircut

It is weird, but in the cut of this person there is nothing extraordinary, it is a normal military hairstyle that is called “undercut” style. Brad Pitt demonstrates an equal cut in the movie Hearts of Iron and other millions of hipsters all over the world also have it.

The cut of the dictator looks strange because he does not wear it well in the direct line or combs it in a very strange way, besides it does not do well because of the shape of his face. Also, there is a rumor that he does not trust his hairdressers and cuts his hair himself.

10. He does not go to the bathroom

Or at least that’s how people in North Korea think. The same can be said about his father Kim Jong-il, even this is stated in his official biography.

11. If Kim Jong-un lost weight, he would look like this:

A user nicknamed alfosn uploaded a photo on the Internet in which he reduced a couple of dozen kilograms to the leader. Users noted that the thin Kim Jong-un looks more frightening than a chubby smiling.