11 movie actors, whose pain in the frame was real
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11 movie actors, whose pain in the frame was real

During the filming of another large-scale film, actors often have to face the problem of performing dangerous tricks that are associated with a certain discomfort and even physical pain. Most stars solve this issue quite easily and resort to the help of professional stuntmen and backups or try to protect themselves as much as possible in such scenes. But there are fearless talents among them.

Crazyfeed.com brings to your attention 11 ministers of the film industry who have put their health, and sometimes life and serious risk in order to the hearts of the audience froze with admiration.

Channing Tatum, Foxcatcher

On the set of the drama “Fox Hunter” with Tatum, who played the role of the fighter Mark Shultz, a mysterious story occurred. The actor had to fight his head against a mirror, which was specially covered for his safety with protective plastic. But emotions captured Channing in earnest: he repeated the blow three times with such force that he broke not only the mirror but his own head, why the blood in the frame is not a sham. Surprisingly, according to Tatum himself, he absolutely does not understand how this could happen.

Sylvester Stallone, First Blood

In the first film about the veteran of the Vietnam War, John Rambo, the hero of Sylvester Stallone was forced to jump off a huge cliff, trying to hide from the pursuit of the police. Despite the complexity of the trick, the actor refused to help doubles and performed it independently. And it cost him two broken ribs: when falling, Stallone landed very unsuccessfully, but still finished the scene to the end, and his agonizing cry made this moment even more spectacular and tense.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained

In the career of DiCaprio without injuries, too, was not done. In one of the most powerful scenes in the movie “Django Liberated”, the enraged slave owner Candy, played by Leo, had to hit hard on the table. At that moment, the actor got into the role so much that he broke a crystal glass that fell into his hand. Despite the unbearable pain and dripping blood, he continued to play and brilliantly uttered his angry monologue. After the shooting, the courageous DiCaprio overlapped several stitches.

Gerard Butler, Chasing Mavericks

The role of a professional surfer in a film based on real events almost cost the actor a life. To make the picture more authentic, he to the maximum refused services doubles and really conquered the giant waves. But one day the situation got out of control: a powerful stream of water knocked Butler off the board and as if dragged deeper into the elements. Several times in a row, it was pushed to the surface, then again pulled down. The actor was saved only when he had spent several minutes underwater.

Viggo Mortensen, The Lord of the Rings

The dramatic moment in the second part of The Lord of the Rings, when Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn decide that the hobbits Merry and Pippin were killed, turned out to be so emotional and strong for the reason that the future King of Gondor, or more precisely Viggo Mortensen, who played this role, slightly overdid it while filming this episode: showing the grief of losing friends, he kicked too hard on the heavy helmet of the orc. As a result, the actor broke two fingers, and his sincere cry of unbearable pain the viewers saw on the screen.

Jackie Chan, Rumble in the Bronx

Recalculate all the injuries received by Jackie Chan in the long years of his film career, it is almost impossible, because he is famous for himself doing all the tricks. However, even this martial arts master does not always manage to do this perfectly. This happened during the filming of “Disassembly in the Bronx” when the actor made a jump from the bridge to the ship on an air cushion. This time, it was not easy to get rid of him, he broke his ankle, got an open fracture of his fingers, and also injured the shin and thigh. However, despite the severe injuries, he continued to withdraw, and to hide the cast, put on his sock, painted under a sneaker.

Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future, Part III

On the set of the third part of the favorite story about the adventures of Marty McFly and Emmett Brown’s dock with one of the actors, a most unpleasant event happened: Michael J. Fox, playing the role of a young boy, was to play a scene in which his kinovrag Beaufort Tannen decides to hang it. At the rehearsals of the episode, everything went as planned: Fox supported the rope with his fingers and was out of danger. But after the command “Camera! Motor! Started! “The murder weapon was too tight for the neck, and for a few seconds, the actor was hanged for real. Fortunately, he was saved, and Marty McFly successfully returned from the Wild West to 1985’s Hill Valley.

Liv Tyler, The Ledge

The Ledge isn’t in Liv Tyler’s list of top films, but this movie was one of the most challenging and difficult for the actress. According to the plot, Shana, the main character, is locked in a hotel room and tied up by her fanatic husband. The creators had only one chance to film this episode because they didn’t have enough time. Liv had to endure torture: neither cutting pain nor suffocation because of a gag stopped the actress, and she managed to finish the filming.

Shaya Labaf, “Rage”

The actor is still quite young but already managed to become famous not only for his talent but also for his extraordinary actions. So, on the set of the military drama “Fury” Shaye was not enough scar on the face, which was created by make-up artists. To achieve greater realism, he deliberately cut his cheek and constantly tore the wound during filming. But this seemed to him a little, and he knocked out his tooth. Colleagues in the shop were delighted with the act of Labab, and Brad Pitt, who acted with him in the film, called the young talent one of the greatest actors.

Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood

With the illustrious actor and the Oscar winner, the shooting constantly includes traumatic stories. Colleagues in the shop already joke that if Daniel did not break a couple of ribs – the film did not take place. A movie called “Oil” was no exception: in the role of entrepreneur Plainview, in one scene the actor fell into a mine nearly 15 meters deep. By a lucky chance, only the ribs were hurt again, and in fact, with such a fall the consequences could be much more serious.

Charlize Theron, Snow White, and the Huntsman

In the next reading of the story about Snow White and the evil stepmother queen, the blond actress got the role of the latter. To ensure that she could thoroughly experience all the world’s malice and the gloom of the character, the artists, in agreement with the actress, made her dresses incredibly uncomfortable, thus making her really not in a better mood. Charlize noted that from bulky adornments and other details she had a lot of bruises and cuts, and it was not easy to carry heavy fabrics with her. In addition to all, she had so much screaming in the script that she even hurt her abdominal muscles. This is dedication and professionalism!

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