11 Clever Kitchen hacks Which Are Amazing But Not Known By Many

Kitchen hacks are for those who love to cook,m they experiment, sometimes its amazing  and sometimes not so much. So this one is for those who make simple mistakes but don’t worry these hacks always come in handy and can save your dish.

Let’s have look at some of the problems and their kitchen hacks

Tough Meat

Uncooked meat always looks tender but when you cook it, it toughens up and then spoils the entire dish. So here are some ways to make it tender and amazing tasting:


You can use any kind of fruit such as apple, pineapple, mango and pear to name some. Cut fruits into thin slices and cover the meat up with these fruits. The juices out the fruit slices will tenderize the meat really well and add a great flavor too. This is the reason because of which pork is cooked with the help of pineapple.


You will need to make a marinade using grated apple and onion. Then add olive oil and a bit of sake. Let the meat soak in this marinade overnight in the refrigerator.


A unusual element but works really well. Just soak any kind of meat in coca cola for 10 minutes before you cook it. Remove it and after it dries, just stir fry using black pepper. This one works really well for thick cuts of meat!


Take lemon juice and make a marinade, add meat for about half and hour and that should tenderize it really well. Using vinegar is also good but that needs overnight prep time.

Overly salty soup

Well adding too much salt can be dangerous to the balance of the entire dish. The simplest way is to add more water and cook the soup for longer. This will also alter the flavor though. In case you have unsalted broth left, just add that instead of water. Another thing works well is using rice. Wrap some rice in a cloth bag or make a make shift one. Rice absorbs the salt from the broth. You can use sugar cubes too, make sure you put them in one by one and wait to add another until the previous one has completely dissolved.

Starchy food such as potato, noodles and pasta also absorb salt really well. These kitchen hacks ought to save your soup from being over salty.

Harsh taste of onions

kitchen hacksImage Credits : lavozdelmuro.net

Uncooked Onions have a really sharp taste and smell but you cannot cook certain dishes without them too. This is one of the very simple kitchen hacks, just need a cold bow of water. Slice up the onions and put them in this bowl of cold water. The bitter taste will go away and you can use onions without any tension.

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Overly Salty Meat

You can use all the ingredients that we mentioned in the over salty soup section. Sour cream is the best option and sour sauce( flour, water and sour cream) works the same way too. You can use unsalted garnish or finely chopped cabbage, zucchini or grated raw potato and add them in the dish. The meat will become even more juicy and tender.

Overly salted vegetables

Use of tomatoes in your vegetable ragout can be helpful. Finely chop the tomatoes and add them in the dish. You can add unsalted boiling water to your vegetable and let them soak in it for a while as well. Sour cream, unsalted garnishes and sauces can be very good at reducing the salt from the vegetables.

Charred meat or other foods

When you cook meat, you can always end up over charring it but not to worry our kitchen hacks can be very helpful. Cut off the overly burnt section and then keep cooking the meat with oil, water or broth. If you want to remove the brunt smell, just transfer the dish into a fresh bowl and cover it with a damp cloth. Another way to get rid of the burnt taste is to add hot milk in it.

Cooled Dishes

Cooled Dishes Image Credits : lavozdelmuro.net

Putting out hot food on cold dishes and cold food on hot dishes can make the food taste bad. So just keep the dishes in the oven or in the refrigerator 5 minutes before serving food on them and this will be very helpful. Almost all restaurants use this technique.

Too much fat?

If you feel you have put too much fat in a dish, just keep it in the fridge. The fat will rise up and harden, then you can just remove the fat from the top of the dish.

Pancakes sticking to the pan?

There can be many reasons because of which the pancakes can stick to the pan. Your batter can be too thin, so add a little more flour. If the flour is of bad quality, add some semolina flour to the batter. Make sure that the pan is pre heated with oil before you put the batter on it.

 Thin custard?

To achieve the right consistency, just add some flour in it keep adding until you get the right one. You can try cooking the custard for a little longer . You can put it in the refrigerator too!

Frostbitten vegetables

We can simply let vegetables like potatoes warm slowly for about a week at room temperature. Just let the vegetables thaw gradually, the green ones need to be thawed faster than the others so be aware of that and get thawing.

These kitchen hacks can make your life easier and for the sake of the people who taste your food, much more tolerable. Find the balance between things and if not, our kitchen hacks will come to the rescue.

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