10 Tips for Women That Will Keep Men Hooked

Women are known to keep men wrapped around their little finger but it is not easy. Men are also up to the game and they bring many women on their knees for them. So for all the women out their who want to keep men hooked up we have brought some pointers from the bestselling book The New Rules by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider. This book became extremely popular and many women have been following the advice given in it to keep men hooked up.

What we have in store for you are the most interesting and best parts of this amazing book.

Let’s learn how to keep men hooked up

Stay calm

Don’t rush to the phone whenever you hear him calling. You can be busy. What’s wrong with that

Many women rush to the phone whenever a guy calls or replies to his texts immediately. Well you don’t wanna make them feel that you have been waiting for them and have nothing else to do. So don’t rush, take your time, there is nothing wrong in being busy, you have a life too!

Be concise

Reply to all texts from a new acquaintance concisely

If you have just recently exchanged your number with a guy, be concise and precise in your replies. We don’t want him to think you are too open and get comfortable too soon. Be mysterious!

Be timely

Wait at least a couple of hours before replying to the first man’s text. Further texting shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes a day

Wait for at least a couple of hours before you reply to a text sent by a man first time. Also don’t chat for more than 20 minutes a day. Let him wait for you, think about you and be eager to chat with you.

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The strange invites

Don’t answer texts like What are you doing in five minutes Better ignore them altogether

If a guy texts you ” What are you doing in five minutes?”, mostly he will want to meet you or he is trying to see if you would be comfortable meeting him. Don’t answer these kind of texts, just ignore them. Play hard to get!