10 Simple Truths That Determine How Long a Relationship Will Last
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10 Simple Truths That Determine How Long a Relationship Will Last

Any relationship is risky and each of us would like to understand from the beginning how strong and happy it will be. But to predict it in its initial stage is impossible. However, there is a series of signs that indicate whether the relationship is harmonious and will last for a long time. So emphasizes  Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, co-founder of an organization nonprofit dedicated to promoting rational thinking and prudent approach to decision-making.

At crazyfeed.com we decided to tell you these 10 Simple Truths That Determine How Long a Relationship Will Last and if fighting for it is worth it in crisis situations. And at the end of the article, a bonus awaits you that will reveal an unusual peculiarity present in almost all couples in love.

1. Behavior in stressful situations

Behavior in stressful situationsBrightside

We regularly face stressful situations. It can be foolishness or an important event that requires an immediate reaction. In any of these situations, it is important that you and your partner complement each other.

This will save unnecessary situations of irritation and overly inhibited reactions. For example, if you are impulsive and “explosive” in stressful situations, a calm and balanced partner will help to make correct decisions and not draw hasty conclusions under the influence of emotions.

2. Mentality


You and your partner are two adult and self-sufficient people and each has its own opinion, preferences, and points of view. They can be similar or radically different. However, it is important that both understand that the thoughts and feelings of the other are not identical to theirs. 

Never make decisions for both, do not pretend to read your partner’s thoughts easily. It is not like this! Ask and receive answers: this is the key to enjoy a healthy and harmonious relationship.

3. Requests


This point follows from the previous one. Do not wait for your partner to learn to read your mind. Be open and honest with your loved ones, share your feelings and concerns with them. 

For example, if you want to be hugged, tell them instead of waiting for them to do so. But, at the same time, remember that you are responsible only for expressing a request or a wish. The other is free to act as he wants according to his own needs and desires.

4. Personal space

personal spaceBrightside

If they are always together, over time all the joint activities become routine and, in this context, your partner will also be part of the routine itself and boredom.

It is important not only to dedicate yourself to your own hobbies, but also to find common interests in them. Reserve one or two days a week so that both of you can dedicate yourself to something interesting and unusual. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the new pleasant impressions you receive with your partner help to preserve the relationship.

5. Plans for the future

Plans for the futureBrightside

Your goals, dreams and plans for life do not have to be identical: it’s just not the usual. But it would be good if both have similar goals and ideas about success.

If you plan to dedicate 40 years to dedicate yourself hard to your career, while your partner dreams of having three children as soon as possible, they probably have many reasons to argue. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about priorities in life as soon as possible.

6. Relations with friends

Relations with friendsBrightside

Friends are an important part of anyone’s life. And giving them up means losing something very valuable. In short, a couple who wants to treat you with respect to your friends, even if they do not like you too much.

This behavior is a clear indicator of maturity and the care of your loved one.

7. Relations with family members

Relations with familyBrightside

Family members are an even more important part of a person’s life, above their friends. Therefore, a good relationship with your partner’s family is the key to a good relationship between them.

After all, if you always argue with your partner’s parents, you will sow fertile ground for the conflict between the two of you.

8. Healthy conflicts

Healthy conflictsBrightside

As for the discussions, healthy conflicts are part of a healthy relationship. If you start dating someone and it is your mind to never argue with them, then, most likely, with the first “battle”, the break will come.

Instead, try to understand the strategies that will help resolve conflicts and talk about them with your partner.

9. Celebrating successes

Celebrating successesBrightside

There is nothing worse than living under the same roof with someone who despises any of your achievements and, in general, does not appreciate your successes.

Couples in harmony who feel happy, rejoice in the successes of each one and inspire each other to achieve new ones.

10. Commitment


Of course, putting the points on the “I’s” is normal and correct, but do not forget the commitments. If you do not give in to your loved one in the small things (and, therefore, he in front of yours), then many unhealthy conflicts and, ultimately, separation await you.


The type of relationship that is set for success

The type of relationship that is set for successBrightside

People can describe relationships and love in very different ways. But there are at least two types of relationship that contain most of the concepts about love:

  • Type 1: “perfect unit”
  • Type 2: “love-trip”

In the first case, the lovers look at each other from the position of “my ideal half-orange”. They may think that they are made for each other. In the second case, the lovers do not pay attention to their similarities and differences, but focus on the events they have experienced together. In other words, on that road they already managed to pass by hand in hand.

Scientists believe that couples of the second type have a better chance of building a harmonious and lasting relationship, since they are willing to overcome difficulties and do not wait for their partner to be perfect.

These 10 signs are indicators that reveal that your relationship is harmonious and strong. But do not forget that your happiness is in your hands!

Tell us: what conditions, in your opinion, are necessary for a relationship to be lasting and happy?