10 great solutions for those who want to stop snoring

Snoring is the third most common cause of divorce in Great Britain and United States. Shocking? but its the truth. Wanna stop snoring? or help someone you know ( probably your partner) to stop snoring?

This will also help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep after a long time.

So let’s try to stop snoring

1. Sleep on your side

Sleep on your side

When you sleep on your back, breathing gets obstructed because the base of the tongue and the soft palate collapse to the back wall of the throat. Sleeping on any one side may help in keeping the throat open and thus, giving you better breathing.

2. Get rid of some weight

Try to lose some weight

The reason is the same, due to a lot of fat the lungs and the throat passage gets blocked. The air intake is reduced and thus you end up snoring. Being over weight is also a problem on its own, it can cause a much severe issue like sleep apnea. So get going and lose some weight.

3. Blow your nose before going off to sleep

Breathing from the mouth is the cause of snoring for many people. This happens because they cannot breath from their nose and thus end up sleeping with their mouth open. So before you go to sleep, if you want to stop snoring, blow your nose nicely. You can also use a nasal spray as well. The good thing about this is that, doing this will make the quality of sleep better.

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4. Nose strips is another option

If you are snoring because of nasal congestion, use nose strips. These lift and open the nasal passage and thus helps you breath better. They can reduce and even stop snoring for some people.