10 Bollywood Celebrities and Their Amazing Fat To Fit Transformations

Social Identity can be very difficult manage, specifically if you are always followed by media. Bollywood celebrities have a charming life when it comes to success but they also have to work really hard to keep their image intact. So let’s look at 10 Bollywood celebrities and their amazing fat to fit transformations. Time to get inspired:

Bollywood celebrities and their amazing fat to fit transformations

Sonam kapoor

Sonam Kapoor Fat to FitSonam Kapoor Fat to Fit

Sonam Kapoor, the style diva of Bollywood has to be on the list. She was 86 kgs before she signed her first film and then she worked oh so hard to get a perfect figure. She was very very strict about her food intake, eating high protein and smaller meals a day. Sonam lost up to 30 Kgs and look at her now !

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha Fat to FitSonakshi Sinha Fat to Fit

She does not believe in being zero figure but she has made it a point to stay fit.  Before she was introduced to bollywood, she was about 90 Kgs and then lost 30 Kgs to be where she is today. Remember Dabangg?

Ali Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Fat to FitAlia Bhatt Fat to Fit

Another actress known for her fashion sense, her transformation is amazing and actually has inspired many young girls. She was told to lose weight for her first film and she lost 16 Kgs for SOTY. She was a cute chubby teenager who weighed 68 Kgs before her debut.


Kajol Fat to FitKajol Fat to Fit

Age does not matter when it comes to fitness, Kajol is the best example for showing that having kids and increasing age cannot stop one from being fit. She has a very strict diet schedule and is giving fitness goals to add middle aged women.